music to run to

41 minutes of music at 170 beats per minute

“…sort of like Eno meets Vangelis” Robert Rosen, BLC Cassettes

“Pacer 3 is chariots of fire type stuff, with such energy behind it that it is impossible not to move when the tape starts. A steady and very brisk background beat remains constant, with lively mid-range electronic keyboard and wind gusts that vary. The energy boost this tape provides is amazing; whether for running, aerobics, rebounding, walking, or even housework, it will get and keep you moving with joy.” Dimensions 48

“This reminded me a lot of early Tangerine Dream/Kraftwerk stuff…” Dan Susnara, Mumble Mumble Music

“Very mellow music that can be enjoyed for running or relaxing. There is a variety of instrumental sounds and if you listen carefully, you can hears sounds like thunder, wind, and even ocean waves in the background. It gave me the feeling of being near an ocean during a mild storm with waves crashing up on the beach and the wind whipping through my hair. I love this stuff and could listen to it all day.” Factsheet Five 1991

  1. 1. Pacer 3 41:15
Download all of the tracks (mp3s at 320kbps) in a zip file here (free):


composition, performance, and production – chris wind

cw03P3 © chris wind 1987


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