solos for sax with rain, wolves, and loonssolos for sax (with rain, wolves, and loons), cello, viola, and flute, and a set of piano pieces with nature backgrounds

“I really loved the cello solo, kudos to Sally Gross. Geza’s flute was thoroughly haunting. Peg’s piano pieces were also on that spooky Harold Budd, shimmering frosty ambient side. The sax and loons and wolves and rain were really visual, well-executed pieces. Great composition and production, really exceptional work.” Ben Kettlewell, WOMR

“The sax work on here is great!” Sticks, gajoob

Check out this performance by Maximos Farmakidis of my “lament” (originally written for viola, but performed on contrabass) as part of the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra’s “Great Music Performance Series” on their YouTube channel.

  1. 1. pieces for sax (1) 4:07
  2. 2. lament 2:53
  3. 3. solo for flute (1) 1:04
  4. 4. pieces for sax (2) 4:05
  5. 5. solo for cello 4:02
  6. 6. solo for flute (2) 1:12
  7. 7. pieces for sax (3) 4:03
  8. 8. pieces for piano op.1 no.1 3:41
  9. 9. pieces for piano op.1 no.2 3:02
  10. 10. pieces for piano op.1 no.4 3:47
  11. 11. pieces for piano op.1 no.5 4:03
  12. 12. pieces for piano op.1 no.6 2:47
  13. 13. pieces for piano op.1 no.7 2:26
  14. 14. song from reiner (bonus track) 1:02
Download all of the tracks (mp3s at 320kbps) in a zip file here (free):
A limited number of CDs are available; please inquire.
Click here to download the sheet music for any of the pieces on this album (also free).
*Sheet music for “solo for flute (1)” also appears in The Magical Flute – Book 1
(The Avondale Press)


sax – Armando Castagnoli (1), Bill Carter (2), Neil Kennedy (3)
viola – Louise Martin
flute – Géza Farkas
cello – Sally Gross
piano – Peg Tittle

composition and production – chris wind

all pieces registered with SOCAN

cw09RR © chris wind 1991


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