foregrounds of solo acoustic improvisation on pre-composed electronic backgrounds

“My first listen, and I’m already enchanted! Simple but intimate electronic backgrounds woven by chris, against which play a variety of folks and instruments… I was most impressed with the lead-in tune, in which Stephen Crowe plays his flugelhorn against a slow-moving suspension in the back! Highly recommended…” Improvijazzation Nation #6 Fall 1992

“[Paintings] is really incredible, especially the contrabass piece. I will be playing the entire cassette on next Monday evening’s program. I’m sure that the listeners will like this one every bit as much as they have enjoyed your previous releases!” Ben Kettlewell WOMR

  1. Paintings (1) feat. Stephen Crowe, flugelhorn 5:49
  2. Paintings (2) feat. Douglas Spence, violin 4:51
  3. Paintings (3) feat. Steve Manning, guitar 4:38
  4. Paintings (4) feat. Sandy Inkster, flute 4:38
  5. Paintings (5) feat. Bernard Dionne, contrabass 4:22
  6. Paintings (6) feat. Peg Tittle, piano 4:45
  7. Paintings (7) feat. Jurgen Rodriguez, clarinet 5:17
  8. Paintings (8) feat. John Hall, trombone 4:52
Download all of the tracks (mp3s at 320kbps) in a zip file here (free):
Free background downloads:


*Backgrounds are provided at no charge (unless you’re rich and famous) for private or public performance: any instrument may be played against any background. chris would be delighted to be informed of any such performance!


electronic backgrounds – chris wind

foregrounds – Stephen Crowe, flugelhorn; Douglas Spence, violin; Steve Manning, guitar; Sandy Inkster, flute; Bernard Dionne, contrabass; Peg Tittle, piano; Jurgen Rodriguez, clarinet; John Hall, trombone

production – chris wind

all pieces registered with SOCAN

cw08PA © chris wind 1991

cover drawing – Lossie Murray
cover frame –


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