There are four other pieces I composed that I’d like to be ‘out there’ (click on the title to access a pdf of the score; feel free to download it, no charge):

Piece for Piano and Viola – pity I wasn’t able to arrange a performance for this one

The Portrait (for piano and vocalise)- written ‘for’ an imagined letter I wrote from Mozart’s mother to Mozart’s sister (part of Deare Sister, but also available here)

Day Slowly Bleeds (for violin, cello, and vocalise) a setting to a poem by Dag Hammarskjöld

Ode to Psyche (for voice and orchestra) – a setting of a poem by Keats, written for Greg Lake’s voice (as in “Lend Your Love to Me Tonight“); ignore my orchestration (it’s pretty bad); just imagine that voice …


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